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Landing Ship LST-1019

LST-1019 was commissioned on 17 May 1944 with Lt. Comdr. Norman C. Ross in command.

During World War II, LST-1019 was assigned to the European theatre and participated in the invasion of southern France in August and September 1944. Later transferred to the Asiatic-Pacific theater, she engaged in the assault and occupation of Okinawa Gunto in May and June 1945. Following the war, she performed occupation duty in the Far East until early April 1946. She returned to the United States and was decommissioned on 30 July 1946 and struck from the Navy list on 25 September that same year. On 28 June 1948, the ship was sold to the Humble Oil & Refining Co., Houston, Tx.

LST-1019 earned two battle stars for World War II service.


ship: LST 1019
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Comments: I was on the LST 1019 in the exact same location as the 282 just before it was. We had a tough time getting off the beach and couldn't get it done until I called for a tug to help us. I was a Radioman and also the Captains talker. Just as we got off and backed out to the Starboard side of the 282, she came in and beached where we were just a few minutes before. I was on the Con with the Captain and saw the moment the flying rocket bomb struck the 282. It looked just like a tomatoe can when a large firecracker is set off under it. I could see things flying through the air and knew many men were being killed with that bomb. I can still see it today and have dreams of that incident over and over again. 

One of the boys who was manning the bow forty came on board our ship, the 979 at Okinawa, I believe. After so many years much of the facts become vague.

I was attached to the LCT Flotilla 20 for a time in the Med after Southern France and then was sent to the South Pacific. We were waiting for the Invasion of the Mainland of Japan and located at IE Shima when the A Bomb was dropped. I for one am very glad that Truman made that move or otherwise I wouldn't be writing this letter now.

My best regards.
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