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Crew List of LST 50

Unfortunately we do not yet have an official crew list of the LST 50. If you have one or can get one we certainly would appreciate it if you contact us.  If you served on the LST 50 or know of someone who did we will list their name and any information you can give us.

Clyde C Colvin
Tue Oct 13 2015
Don Colvin
doncolvin at
LST 50
My father, Clyde C Colvin, served on LST 50. He was a pharmacist mate.

Frank F. Gravish
My brother served 3 yrs on this ship from time it left Pittsburgh, PA to the time it was out of action in 1946. My brother was a baker, and a gunner. His name Frank F. Gravish, not sure of rank, believe is was petty officer 2nd class. Hometown Osceola Mills, PA if you can add to the Roster. I have not been able to find the roster on the web. If you can assist me, I would appreciate it. Thanks 

John gravish  jgravish<at>

Joe Hagen
No information

Leonard Albanese
November 24th 2005
name: Leonard Albanese, coxswain
ship: LST 50
Email: phillyfan787<at>
My Dad was on the lst 50. I need to see the roster. Would apprecitate a web site for it. Thanks

John George Earley
Sat Jan 30 2010
My father, John George Earley, was on LST 50 from 25th March, 1943 to 7th Oct, 1943 as Auxiliary Vessels Gunnery Officer for gunnery duties with senior officer 5th LST Squadron. He was in fact in the Royal Naval Reserve in UK.

Christopher J. Perrotta
Sun Mar 04 2012
Patrick C. Perrotta
My Father Christopher J. Perrotta served on the LST-50 in 1945-1946 & was involved in the post war occupation of Japan.

Walter P. Reed served on LST 50, as a machinist

Adrian E. Brouillette served as a Coxswain aboard LST-50

Daniel L Miller, he was a Cook and gunner. Left the ship in "46"

George Cornwell was aboard during Normandy

Alvin Brooks Dobbs
served on the LST 50 as a Motor Machinist's Mate Third Class

Sam Dixon served on this landing ship

Kenneth Skiles served as an Ensign (later Lt.) on LST50 from launch in Pittsburg in 1943 through late 1944 © 2005-2023 Site by Dropbears